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Hanna and I first met in August of 2013 at a local shelter in Philadelphia, PA. After deciding that Hanna would make a perfect first dog, me and my boyfriend decided to give her a forever home. Since dogs don't have scrapbooks to document their lives, here is me and Hanna's ongoing journey!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hiking with Hanna!

Having a dog means one thing - going on a lot of walks! We have quickly discovered that activities other than just walking around town can be a lot more entertaining, even for Hanna. We have found a few hiking trails nearby and try to go at least once a weekend. The trails are only five minutes from our house and twist up and down the local river. These walks are great because we get to escape the city and show Hanna true nature, which she absolutely loves. She loves all the new scents and her tail is constantly wagging. A few times she's even gone swimming in the river, although she is a very cautious pup when it comes to water! Going on weekend hikes with our little family has become part of our weekend routine. We all get exercise and it spices up our normal everyday dog walks. There are so many trails we have yet to try and our goal is to try as many as possible during our time in Philadelphia. To see where we hike click here: http://www.fow.org/

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The one sad thing about adopting...

The only sad thing that I can think of that has to do with Hanna and the whole adoption process is not knowing what she looked like as a puppy, it kills me. When we are on walks and see families trotting along with their new tiny puppies in those super small harnesses, my heart melts. Now don't get me wrong, puppies are cute, but they are also a LOT of work. All I want is just a picture or two just to see what Hanna looked like, because no matter how long and hard I ask her - she won't tell me! The great thing with technology today is that google images pretty much has whatever photos you are looking to find. On my search for a "fake" baby picture of Hanna, I came across this one. What do you think?! Looks pretty close to me. Who knows, maybe it's her :)

I also feel that microchipping dogs is so important and that every dog should be microchipped. Even if they lose their tags and collar, they can still make it back home safe. Click below to see what Cesar Millan has to say about microchipping: http://www.cesarsway.com/news-and-events/cesars-blog/Should-You-Microchip-Your-Dog

Thursday, June 12, 2014


August 28, 2013, the night we adopted Hanna. We walked into the shelter slightly disappointed because the dog we had fell in love with over the weekend had been adopted already (or thats what I had been told over email). We decided to take another quick look around and to our surprise Hanna was still there. WHAT?! There had been some sort of mix up about what dog we were emailing about and she was still available for adoption. We took her outside to play and then we got asked the question: So do you want to take her tonight? We actually close in less than an hour. Okay, wow. What a fast decision we have to make. We quickly jumped in the car and drove to the nearest pet store, grabbed a leash and collar and hurried back to the shelter. Both of us were in shell shock that we actually might adopt our first dog together. For the first time we are going to be responsible for another living thing other than ourselves, ARE WE CRAZY? There was really no time to think, just do. We quickly filled out the paperwork and the next thing we knew the three of us were riding back home. It was the best decision we have ever made!
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